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Rothley, Leicester

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion works by blasting the skin with tiny crystals from a small handset. These crystals help to smooth out the skins surface giving a radiant complection.
it eliminates fine lines wrinkles
A course of 10 treatments are recommended ideally once a week this is so you see a visible difference over a shorter period of time, but equally fortnightly or monthly still works well.

This is followed by a plumping technique to tighten lower jaw line, cheeks, above the eyebrows and forehead.

You can finish off this treatment with a firming lift mask which restores the skins hydration an reduces fine lines and wrinkels this is ideal if after the crystal clear facial you are going out.
Also the soothing eye treatment impregnated with caffeine solution lifts and hydrates this delicate area resulting in a smooth appearance.

HANDS can also benefit from this treatment reducing pigmentation dryness an craypy skin, after the microdermabrasion is performed a hydrating mask is applied leaving hands smooth an younger looking.